Rise Of The Northstar

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Dressed All In Black Official Video
Dressed All In Black Lyrics
All Black
Twenty fourteen motherfucker
Rise of The Northstar's Play Off
You know the deal, the real deal
Back to back, all dressed in black
This color is my choice, good projection of my troubled heart
May heaven keeps me safe from war but
After what I'm gonna give you, peace'll be on the floor
I really don't give a fuck
About who's the King, who's shot my man with a puck
But touch one of us, you hit all the team
(and) the response'll be magnified
It's gonna be extreme

No matter what they say, what they do, we walk,
Dressed all in black
This jacket has a sense, covering my skin
Dressed all in black
Saiyans reborn today they smash the flock
Dressed all in black
'Cause the reason stops where the hate begins
Dressed all in black

All Black
Shut your motherfucking mouth
You rep' for me, the Star of the South
Not so far from my life concepts
Turn your back on your values, I'll become the knife
Like in a Shonen, I'm getting stronger
Your words go around in circles, my rhymes get better
Always remember, again and again
I wanna learn from my defeat and kill da beast with my head

"Sonic Boon!