Rise Of The Northstar

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Blast 'Em All Lyrics
Back in the nineties do you know what I'm saying
One family, few friends, lots of enemies
From school to school I loaf my shoes
Each start of the school year I've paid my dues

Social backgrounds were not the same
But a bastard is a bastard with of without the fame
I'm opposed to them 'til a morning glory
Whatever, it's just another dunce story

I really don't miss, these old school days
Trouble, wounds, death in, these old school days
No need for drugs to face, these old school days
Mangas and sound in, these old school days
Bla Bla Bla Blast 'em All Tough like Seiya, I wanna prove
Fu Fu Fu Fuck this town All these guys don't rep' my sound
Bla Bla Bla Blast 'em All Tough like Seiya, I wanna prove
Ju Ju Ju Jump around Listen, this motherfucking breakdown

Surround myself with valiant guys
Rely on my intuition, make an ally
Avoid the pitfalls and my generation traps
Don't return, don't doubt, don't lose this cap

Fight 'til the end, never forget
The reason why I do this with no regrets
Follow my own vibes, dressed all in black
Forever, our deeds live in these tracks
It was Rise Of The NorthStar with the first album
Straight from the heart, here is our anthem
Out of nowhere, represent everybody
With our own codes, let us write our legacy