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I am thinking vultures ripping the flesh,
Smashing the bone
I am thinking hailstones shot to the head,
Making the giant fall
I am hearing pipes, the pipes of Pan,
I know its wrong
I am hearing lies, the lies of man:
Theyre written in the stars above!

So crawl back to your hole!
Wait for thy kingdom come
So crawl back to your hole!
Tonight no one will come

The fire cant tame us
Were not making peace
And haters cant break us
Were growing fierce

In the end of times, no prophecy just you and me
In the end of times, the thrill of the flight
I am here to take your life

I am thinking snake oil rubbed in the skin
Enter the poison!
I am thinking arrows stuck in the heart
All men are mortal
I am biting the apple, the rotten core
The worm wants more
I am healing the blind, the book of the dead
Be prepared to meet your end!