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An Erotic Alchemy (Per-Version) Lyrics
Queen of all my sleepless nights
For whose beauty I, Faun, 
have played my pipes with heart
Queen in white silk, skin like milk
Horns of Faun, lips of dawn
You are now honoured you with me presence
As I'm honoured by your sigh
I crown your perfection
The predator in you breast, I devour

"Tempted is now my light body"

From where it burns, spirals of exotic scents
Rose, sandal, jasmine, all kinds of incense 
Aged fragrances only dreamed of once
Dragons do dream far beyond the sense
We make love in the dusty throne
of a Modern Sodoma

"Come to Me, step further into my nakedness, 
Caress me in your breasts of Fire"

"Breed my flame, have no fear of weakness
I welcome you in my hole of desire"

"Have me now Prince, have me there"