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Afrika Lyrics

Futils struggle - an ocean of merciless sand
Invincible waves of fleas and flies
Iron nights and days of steel - at any cost shall we make them bleed
The tanks roll forward in Afrika - Afrika

Desert fox versus desert rats
A march through endless clouds of dust
Scorched iron oasis - desert blitz - Afrika - Afrika

Fever, cramps and diarrhea - as easy as 1 2 3
All that matters is crushing the enemy
Entangling arm of death - 88's coughing mortal breath
The tanks roll forward in Afrika - Afrika

Shell after shell over bone-dry plains
The star of Afrika descends into flames
Underated - shallow stony graves - Afrika - Afrika

Counterattack - bleeding dry - Afrikakorps - outnumbered
Forcing the fox in retreat - fighting force collapse
Now facing the long road back

Tripoli, Bengasi - Stukas pounding tirelessly
Deafening explosions keeps the pace
Tobruk captured and painted red - El Alamein ahead
The tanks roll forward in Afrika - Afrika

Sand and drought flavored killing spree
The smell of palm trees and gasoline
No more retreat, only defeat - Afrika - Afrika - Afrika - Afrika