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King Me Lyrics

I saw the world through the lens of a pinhole camera
I saw nothing. I was blind.
In between a black hole and a super nova is where youll find me
Imploding and expanding simultaneously
No longer blind.
Id been running away for so long
When I finally caught myself there wasnt much left.
The scripts last page is blank
And the medicine is gone.
A sick monster, a twister of dark matter
On a heavier trip than you can comprehend
A tornado trying to mend the life it shattered
Waiting for nothing to begin.
A flat line, my insides are turning out.
King Me is killing me.
I keep walking past the places I was born in
Now their faces are blank, shiny, and dead
I dont recognize a thing, I cant recall them
A closed book that I can never read again.
A flat line, my insides are turning out.
The lights fade, this final war starts now.
King Me is killing me.
All of that is ending now for I have arisen
Survived myself somehow, dead and imprisoned
Im fighting to live if I am to see the day
I swear Ill never sleep again
I am no mans slave.
I wanted the fog to lift but I was living in a cloud
Nostalgia is grinding the life from today
The present always dies in future memories
And King Me is killing me
Cut wide open and bleeding to death for all to see.
King Me is killing me.
Hes killing me.
He wont kill me.
I wont let him kill me.
He wont kill me.