Lamb of God

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Black Label Lyrics

The human confrontation, I've build a phobia.
It takes my essence somewhere,
Somewhere to take control.

I may be far from rocking.
I am the one alone.
I may be far behind lines.
And made them turn away.

I want to know, hey you, watch out!
I've made them turn to cripple, hey you, watch out!
When i will know, who'll know, back fight!
Why time would let me die to control.

I fear nothing, why don't you know!?
I rip my mind and why don't you bleed!?
I fear no one, why you turn back!?
I may not stop.

My freedom can't contain but tell me,
The pain I liberate,
Riff hostility to anyone
Has made us so much hate.
I made them turn from hate but tell me
The pain and suffering
I made them turn from hate but tell me
The pain and suffering
I... know.

The official released booklet lyrics:

The human condition is inherit claustrophobia
Compression of my space made complete
I would rip out my own entrails by hand just to be alone
Inanity rolls total through this sphere
Ostracized for clarity of vision
A dream unrealized of solitude that I should descend into autonomy
and know the pain of fellowship no more
I feel nothing but a lack of space
Paradox of socialization results in duress
Rife with hostility, what has caused me so much hate?
Humanity, exterminate with extreme prejudice