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Pestilence And Plague Lyrics

The storms from the gods make us
Perish with hunger
Starvation and drought
Are unleashed on this earth
Reap what you sow
From your gree and our treasures
Far more than we need
Now far more than we're worth

Nella tentazione
Cercando la gloria
Il prezzo da pagare
E' la caduta dell'uomo
[English translation:
In temptation,
seeking for glory,
the price to pay
is the fall of mankind]

How can we live in despair and in sorrow?
Our children are lost
With all that we love
Plague spreading forth
To lay waste to our culture
Civilization's demise from above

This world revolves and I foretell
The end of man resides in hell
For you can see that in my heart
We will depart

Nella tentazione (Into temptation)
Cercando la gloria (In search of glory)
Il prezzoda pagare (The price we pay)
E'la caduta dell'uomo (The fall of man)