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Gomorrah Gold Lyrics
It's not wrong, if it's not right for you
It's my life, to do what I choose
At the end, if it seems was a mistake
It's still my right, to choose a path to take
Be my friend, share same goals as me
Or thorn in side, my true enemy
One's respect, calculated by my trust
Ordained morals, soon annulled by my lust

Seeking many bountiful dreams
Cornucopia of lustful schemes
Life is for the taking, Gomorrah Gold
And when things seem to end
You're at loss, not me my friend
I've sought the pleasures in Gomorrah Gold

What I seek, many others have sought before
Gomorrah Gold, a satisfied spirit yet wanting more
Revel in excess, smothering crest of my desire
Hoarding stash, needs and wants that I acquire
Show no shame, scornful fingers directed my way
Come along, the time is now, live for today
Gomorrah Gold, a primal instinct in everyday life
Victorious mind, vanity surely beats pain and strife

Void both time and space
my existence soon erased
Lived a pleasured life with Gomorrah Gold
When my time is done
I'll be judged by no one
Thine is forever, Gomorrah Gold

Now you know, just exactly how I feel
Live my life, cherish only what is real
Love thy own, not deterred by mortal things
Answer to none, won't be judged 'cause I am king