Ghost Ship Octavius

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Alive Lyrics

Can you hear, or is it too late
What they say, minds are wasting away
Ever closer to being the same
And it’s easy to say

I’m alive
Oh hear these figures of fear
Do feast upon the world
Taking from bite after bite
The minds of the will-less who woe

I’m alive
I’m reborn
I’m alive
I return

So new the machine in its youth
As it’s born so unbiased toward truth
And yet a monster it soon grew to
For now is the time of return

Oh these forces crawling
Searching for a soul
And I feel so close to them
We feel secure

And oh, their knowledge surely
Shows they know our fate
So the oracle is born from a corpse
And the future crushed under its weight

I’m alive
I’m reborn
I’m alive
I return

Tell me now
Tell me how
It’s really there
It’s in the air
Desperation, just another story

What’s the way
Through this maze
they’re all the same
Drowned in shame
Perturbation modeled after centuries