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In Ruins Lyrics

From a clear blue sky
A sudden bolt came crashing down
Cracking all around, shaking the solid ground
The fortress of solitude
Was torn and shattered for the wind
Sunlight far away, fortune had gone astray

Into the crystal ball
Gazing with empty eyes he sighed
As ones heaven fall
Theres no place to run nor hide

In ruins are the pillars of Eden

Dark clouds of misery
Came in and blurred the mind
Sharpest eyes gone blind, reasons they could not find
Uncertain prophecies
Distorted every sound thought
The vision seeking men fought through the lions den

Choirs of angels was drowned
By the sound of crumbling mountains one by one
The march of the demons had so now begun
Yesterdays world was soon undone

How far to salvation?
How far to the promised land
Where the eclipse no more refuses us the light?
How far to salvation?
How far to a healing hand
That can mend the broken dream
And carry us out of the night?