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Halls And Chambers Lyrics

Victims of the renascence might
Screamed in the dead of night
The horror, the terror
Ruler in Machiavellian days
Stole all their days away
To darkness, to sadness

I still see painful eyes,
I still hear distant sighs
Among shadows lingering on

Gaze up high into the open sky
From these halls and chambers
To the moon and to the winds I cry

Souls aglow in the darkest of hue
Miseries are still undue
Forever and ever
I caress the thickening air
And all memories it bear
With yearning and longing

Far behind these castle walls
Glories and virtues fall
Fall for the lunacy
Deep inside where the time weep
Tyranny is fast asleep
In shadows, in echoes

Dim is the day for grim and the grey
As destinys proven unfair
Fair as a fay is the dawning of the day
At which I forlornly do gaze