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Wrapped In The Arms Of Rage Lyrics

My angel in anger, keep me drunk with wrath
Hatred, my light upon my chosen path
No concern about the aftermath
No trepidation
The binds are broken, hold me back no more
Twisted fantasies I shall soon explore
Black angel walk with me forevermore
Begin my transformation

Divinity of death divine
Mercy withers on the vine
Pulse rushes, I'm set free from my cage
I no longer walk alone
Make her animosity my own
Crushing embrace
I'm wrapped in the arms of rage

Agitation is my patron lord
Miscreant seraphim of all abhorred
Her admiration is my just reward
My coronation
Delirium through her sweet caress
Heed her words, I never second-guess
Symphony of malice played at my request
Her proclamation