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Numb Lyrics

Nothing seems to faze me anymore
Indurate, senseless, dead soul to the core
This lift has left me cold, unfeeling
I find pity so unappealing

I'm callous, remorseless
Sympathy just seems so useless
Black-hearted and worthless
Desensitized and ruthless
Compassion vacated
I'm so disassociated
I'm sick of what I've become
But this world has rendered me
So fucking numb

Dead body on the street
Won't give it a second glance
Famine, poverty, just victims of circumstance
So bored by all killing and the thieving
I just don't have the time for the grieving

I don't care that I don't care
That I don't feel a thing
I don't give a shit that I don't give a fuck
Not a single tear it brings
When oh so many horrors
Are lined up on parade
Chaos and disorder
Are the tools of our trade
I'm fucking numb

Was a time when it all was shocking
Now I yawn when death comes knocking
I feel no sorrow that I feel this way
Now watch it all rot and waste away