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As It Was, As It Soon Shall Be Lyrics

We didnt pay attention
to lessons learned in the past
Soon the sands in the desert
will melt from the atomic blast
Mesopotamias ground zero
for the coming of world war
Thousands die in the sand
And I still dont understand what for

As it was, as it soon shall be
Were teetering on the brink
of a world war III
A repetition of history
as you soon shall see
As it was, as it soon shall be

War mongering leader of ours
waves the flag of democracy
Sending our men out to die
in the name of bureaucracy
The oil fields of Iraq
are overflowing with blood
Another man dies but the lies
rain down like a flood

No weapons of mass destruction
no threat to me
Just one mans agenda for war,
not a land of the free
I never gave a shit
about the Middle East
But now we lie in the bed that weve
made, start the atomic feast