Eternal Oath

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Death's Call Lyrics
Chasing shadows from my past
When death comes calling they grow vast
Im falling into nothing fast
Haunting dreams come closing in
I always end up where Ive been
A vicious circle from within

Explanations so illusive
Now Im blinded searching for them
The aggressor lies within
This I know as we battle constantly

Whatever crosses my path, whatever gets in my way
Whatever pours itself out as I remove the scab
If its attention you want, this is what needs to be done
Dont gently tap on my shoulder, smack my head with a rock

Feels like what lies ahead is a lifetime of agony
There is a light at the tunnels end
A light that turns out to be the undeniable fire

A fire that burns, outside and in
A fire that reminds me of my every sin
It stains and distorts, then lingers and burns

Chasing shadows...
Whatever crosses...