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The Silent Destruction Lyrics
My hands are cold and my heart is sick.
I'm drunken of grief and wine is bitter.
For my pain I wish the wine of love.
That sweet poison of love, I desire, I pray, I need.

I know the silence of my solitude.
I feel my silent destruction.
I hallow the grief of love.
I cry in this silent gloom.
And the wind's croon is silent,
And ravens are silent,
And solitude is silent,
In my silent destruction.

My hands are cold, her hands are so far.
My heart is sick, I can't hear her heart.
I'm drunken of grief, she's mourning for love.
My wine is bitter, her inebriety is grim.
I wish the wine of love, she needs my love.
I need the sweet poison, she needs my heart.
I know the silence of my solitude, she's alone in day.
I feel my silent destruction, she is silent in her life.