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Hail to the King Lyrics
On my way to kill the beast
I met a holy man from the east
His name was Jesus & he was son of man
He warned me about the danger ahead

He was godsend, he was gonna bring the Metal back
And take away the sins that people did in the past
He came down here to change our lives
He said to me while he looked me in the eyes

"I'm the Heavy Metal Jesus!
I'm the Heavy Metal thunderstriking Jesus"

He said, "if you wanna kill the beast
You gotta be blessed from the man from the east
So why don't you get down on your knee
And I will bless you with my Flying V?"

I travelled through land, Through fire and pain with you
Together we fight, forever united my friend
We are bound by blood, we are brothers in arms
With thunder we ride with lighting we strike
United invincible force

Hail now hail to the king
With thunder and lighting we strike
Hail now hail to the king
We show them no mercy at all

I remember the time, when all you could feel was hate
You were poisoned with fear
And you lost everything that you loved
I reached out my hand, I taught you to fight like a man
With thunder we ride, with lighting we strike
United invincible force

I sacrifice my blood for you
I will always be by your side
Together we will never fail
So rise your sword in glory