Dol Theeta

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Afterlife Crescendo Lyrics

Is there anyone there?
When we are dead and gone
Who is leading us up to the light?
Take me there…

Soul… Birth… Hand… Show…

Go… Fly… New… Soul…

Time will bleed in darkness
Force the life out of the Sun
Be Gone Defenders!

Hearts will swim in madness
Who will dream the secrets?
Fly! Be Gone Defenders!

Who's the one who spreads the
Tickets to a brand new
Start away from sorrow

Afterlife crescendo

I'm your last defender
Bow down and pray
To an invisible God

For every sun now

Take this hand will show you
Birth of new tomorrow
We shall fly like angels

Afterlife crescendo

When body fades
Don't worry
We'll speak through our souls
We'll meet again

Light! There's the light!

I feel again!