Dark Tranquillity

Below The Radiance Lyrics

I don't mind the fall
It's the climb from the bottom
That hurts the most

Here today, a stab of emptiness
Divert your eyes
From the judgemental stares
So nonforgiving
Yet what do they know
And what have they seen
I cannot do it

I plunge myself against these rocks of ice
Helldriven hounds now on my trail

To play a part
Uphold a bland facade
Do the expected
If only nothing remained
Of facts and furies
These are the seconds
That will not be forgotten
This is the time
What have I done
What do they know
I cannot do it

Eyes on the prize
Yet never tell them
In shadows hide it
What eyes can tell
How well you know
Familiar urges
The same old place
Where you will know it
And they will pay