Sometimes Selling Out Is Waking Up Lyrics
We take ourselves too seriously. We sneak as may
politics as we can. But, who will be the last to
realize that sometimes selling out is waking up? So,
here we are, two different walks of life crossed once
before. And, it still takes a thousand miles to
co-exist. We are the same, just trying to exist. If
rewritten pamphlets is the best clarity can provide,
then you need one (a drink) worse than me. Being
delusional, well, that's a whole new bag and it's
fine. It's fine with everyone until you touch them.
(nothing is said no matter how angry or impassioned it
may seem) and when they finally had enough, they
leave. They leave in fear. Your legacy will forever be
self-righteous and violence against your own. Against
your own. They can candy-coat their hardline roots all
they want, but, I've seen the tapes. Don't ever let
those clowns define you. We take ourselves too
seriously. We never leave our politics at home and
just live. There will always be some struggle. Well,
sometimes selling out is waking up.