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Who Takes The Fall? Lyrics

They want to see the nations under single rule,
it's absolute power in the hands of a fool.
The bird of Armageddon,wings pointing to the sky,
reflected like a harlequin,no tears left to cry.

Seated on his towered throne,too late for reasons why,
the jester's waiting all alone,who's the first to die ?
Discarded,unguarded,their fates are already decided.
Unshaded,degraded,there's nothing left for you.
Divided,misguided,trust should never be one sided,
mistreated,conceited,the world don't turn for you.

The stringless puppets conscience,seeks to gain control,
from the men of power,who's joker fits the role,
evermore the struggle sees fit to wear him down,
voices raised in anger,no more the voiceless clown.