Unholy Trinity Lyrics
London Town, 1888,
Under veil of fog, as it was late,
Five female victims met their fate,
Their silence to ensure
It was Jack who did the deed, a Legend born from Devil's seed,
Masonic ritual insane,
The butchered victims freed from pain,
As they looked, into the face, of Jack The Ripper.

Eddie's marriage could rock the throne,
To those five ladies, proof was shown,
Their blackmail plot, inside had grown
They said they'd tell it all,
Annie Crook was locked away,
The other five would have their say,
Salisbury knew it was the only way,
So the five then had to die,
Warren covered up the tracks, removed all clues left by Jack,
The sordid details, sick and vile,
Were locked away in secret files,
So he could vanish, without a trace, Jack The Ripper.

Beware of The Ripper, he will tear you limb from limb,
Never again will you see the light of day - Burn in Hell
Their souls cast to the fire, the flames of Hell dance higher,
They will pay for what was done - Burn in Hell.

Jack The Ripper's case is solved,
Not one, but three men were involved,
When a century at last evolves,
The truth can be revealed,
Jack was nimble, Jack was sick,
His surgeon's knife not always quick,
While Jack is nameless, he has his fame,
I've told the tale, I'll give you names,
John Netley was the Coachman, Walter Sickert was the Guard,
Sir William Gull was The Ripper... Unholy Trinity!