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The Face Of Death Lyrics

Heading for the day of judgement,your last days will pass you by.
Is Satan winning,heads are spinning,tormented souls begin to cry.
Hell is burning the world is turning,God & Satan take their toll.
Close the door on holy war,fighting for immortal souls.

Time is standing still for you,knowing that your life is through,
nothing left to do,look on the face of Death.

Four horsemen riding as foretold,demons living on your fear,
souls aflame their deeds remain,angels watching shed a tear.
The rancid smell,the gates of hell will open as they go inside.
Riders mounted,souls are counted,woe is avarice & pride.

Wrong or right,eternal fight,fate is held on the wheel of fortune.
Where's the plan for God & man,purgatory waits to greet you.
Sound the horn,no saviours born,they come for you,chains of guilt will bind you.
Blind will see as shadows flee,on judgement day all are brought to justice.
When that day comes & end is near,creation rocks,feel the fear,
you'll hear a voice,it calls your name,walk to the light,it starts again!