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Sleepy Hollow Lyrics

The Legends say, that when The
Horsemen rides, He leaves a trail to follow,
From the Forest dark, and across the fields,
Right into Sleepy Hollow.

The Horseman knows, that there's always a
fool, That won't let his chance go by,
Strolling in to the dark, and he'll never return,
Another easy victim will die.

Beware of Sleepy Hollow.

He's there in Sleepy Hollow,
The Horseman of Sleepy Hollow,
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Ikabod Crane, knows that he
can win, And follows him back
to his lair, Follows the prints, of
the horse's hooves, He knows
that he must be there. The
Horseman enters a tree-like
gate, Ikabod walks to that door,
Seals the mouth of Hell,
From whence hi came,
The Horseman is no more.