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One Last Time Lyrics

We all have fates, it's our destiny,
It isn't simple, or plain to see,

We make the choices that build
our lives, can I still do what's expected
of me?

Our fate is drawn like moths
to the flame, take my hand and we'll
go there again, our lives will fly, till
we cast it aside, one last time.

We ride this road, which path should
we take? Our hoes and dreams,
all worn on a sleeve, if you could go back
and start again, would you do it, so

I tread the paths that I once
knew so well, I can't believe just how much
it has changed, I have retuned to the
place of my youth, one last time.

I'm here, I'm there, I love, I'm me,
We live, we breath, we touch, we see.