House Of Pleasure Lyrics
Third door on the right, they make you scream all night,
With whipping and bondage in chains,
Leather gear and whips, you can't get to grips,
With ecstatic feelings of pain,
A schoolgirl blitz, and nuns with big tits,
All ready and waiting to please,
You're feeling so high, stroking silken thighs,
You'll never get up from your knees.

Do it right, all night,
You're in the House of Pleasure,
You pay your money, and make your choice,
You'll love the House of Pleasure.

The throbbing sensation, and mental castration,
Is waiting behind all these doors,
They shout with one voice, you can't make your choice,
While fooling around with the whores,
You scream and you crawl, while they're stroking your balls,
Three in a bed can be fun,
There can be no rest, when you're surrounded by breasts,
There's nowhere left you can run.

Take me to Heaven, give me Hell!

These ladies all stand, vibrators in hand,
You know they like satin and lace,
It all gets too much, they show their crotch,
And then they, will sit on your face,
Try a 69, all positions are fine,
Split Beavers and Pork Swords unite,
They take pride in their trade, they like getting laid,
What's on the menu tonight?

She does what for 250 Dollars?
Just give me the money man!