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Feel The Pain Lyrics

You trust in me & I will deliver,
say the words of the holy man.
Live your life searching for forgiveness.
Cleanse your soul only like he can.

Taking the pain & the fear from my mind,
I feel your pain.
Leaving the shame & the hurt thats inside
I feel your pain

Kiss of death for a pocket of silver,
you sold my life but your's is sealed.
Repent your sins to God the forgiver,hung from noose in potters field.

I put fear in the mind of the sinner,
I feel the pain in the heart of a killer.
Can you feel,can you feel the pain ?
You spill my blood for the whole world to see,
I felt the spear thrust deep inside me.
Can you feel,can you feel the pain ?

Nailed to a cross to defend my father,
a crown of thorns was my only prize.
I'm crucified for the sins of others,
the blood & tears now burn my eyes.

I can't believe that there's anyone there,
I think it's me that's in control.
Go fuck yourself coz I don't need you,
and I can live my life on my own.