Easy Way Out Lyrics
Life's a bitch and then you die,
Defeat is hard, but then you must try,
To keep your cool and keep your head,
Talk is cheap, that's what you always said,
I know it's hard to understand,
You live in fear, it's gotten out of hand,
I'm sure you think that you know it all,
But watch your step, you're heading for a fall,
When things get too hot for you,
Overload your mind,
Just search inside your soul,
I'm sure you'll find...
The easy way out.

Don't get hurt, you run and hide,
Don't want to lose, so back the winning side,
You'd sell your soul, give your body to burn,
Go on and take, give nothing in return,
You could change, it's not too late,
Learn to love, turn your back on hate,
You know too much is never enough,
So don't give up when the going gets tough,
Hide behind your mask of weakness,
Which way to turn?
I think it's time to stop your running,
One day you'll learn...
The easy way out.