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Dv8R Lyrics

Fuel injected metal heartbeat,cybernetic brain,
lazer active xenamorphic,hydro driven veins.
Heat detecting without warning,scorch the silent air,
terrorizing all gunz firing,scream as tendons tear.

Time to run the stellar wings attack
Time to die no warning
Time to fight there is no turning back
Here they come,they're calling me.

Annihililating,desecrating,torched bodies slain.
Razor pointed thermal lances,leave the earth bloodstained.
Accelerating thunderchanging,piercing through the night,
shreiks & cries intensify,administer last rights.

Mass contortion bullets burning,cauterizing pain,
amidst impassive metal armies,barren lands remain.
Driving hatred while re - loading,screaming eagles soar,
the stench of steaming rotten flesh,the carcasses of war.

Devastating aggravating,dance across the sky,
DV8R blood is boiling,atrocities don't lie.
Freedom fighter scream exciter,shoot into the void,
terminating aqua planing,bio - mechan - oid.