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Buried Alive Lyrics
Senseless slaughter, hung his daughter,
And then he went to sleep,
Tommy Gun, saw the sun,
And then began to weep,
Travolta style, he danced a mile,
Then fell down in a heap,
He wondered why, he could not buy,
The people that were cheap.

Take me to your hearts!

The Greasy Dog, drank the fog,
Then rolled on down the street,
The Leather Prince, he turned to mince,
And left behind, his feet,
Poetic Frog, became a hog,
And wallowed in the sty,
And Betty Bright, screamed all night,
Then walked across the sky.

Five Foot Mike, fell on the spike,
That pierced his left hand,
He wore the hood, and dripped his blood,
Along the golden sand,
They saved his hide, he almost died,
Thanks to brave old Clive,
And none did frown, as they laid him down,
And Buried him Alive.