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Back From Hell Lyrics

You won't see me, they don't see me,
They hurry home to hide their lies,
Intoxicated, exasperated,
They don't need me in their lives,
How long I've waited, breath is baited,
My blood is coursing through my veins,
Time to kill, blood to spill,
You'll understand my inner pain.
Painted Ladies, dressed to thrill,
Cruelly bending to my will,
I feel better when I kill,
Jack's Back... Back from Hell!

The last thing that you well remember,
Is when I tear your soul apart,
Surgical slicing, cutting and dicing,
Separated from your heart,
Street light tripper, Jack the Ripper,
Is waiting for you in the dark,
Can you hear me? Please don't fear me,
I'm an angel of the dark.

Out for fun, time to run,
In the dark you won't see me coming,
Feel the heat, Trick or Treat,
Feel the blade, as it cuts you,
Eye to eye, no goodbyes, Time to die,
I can feel your fear, Pay my dues,
Leave no clues, Jack is back,
You'll never catch me.

When night comes down,
and time goes slow, The Shadows flee,
The gas lamps glow, You'll hear my steps,
Eyes wide in terror, So don't look back,
for fear of Jack!