After Dark Lyrics
A vision haunts you, it's black as night,
And to escape you turn on the light,
A curtained mist that stands in your way,
And slowly turns your night into day,
Reflected fantasy,
And dreams that won't set you free,
Explain it all to me, it's all in your mind,
You're running after me,
To make me something I'll never be,
Eyes open, but you don't see, the dangers After Dark.

You broke the mirror, but you didn't care,
The shattered pieces swirl in the air,
A voice that calls you, from inside your head,
Bids you join with the Living Dead,
Too late for fantasy, and dreams become reality,
The truth I cannot see, through your web of lies,
Night creature with tortured soul,
Cracked actor without a role,
Black shadows where you can hide, but only After Dark.

Taken by surprise, see the flame in His eyes,
You're burning,
Nobody would have guessed, for fangs in your flesh,
You're yearning,
Evenings full of sin, the nightmares begin,
On fire,
Nowhere you can run, knowing you've become,
A Vampire!

You were so happy, until He came along,
You had your weakness, but now you are so strong,
You think I'll join you, how could you be so wrong,
I'll never die for your dreams, no!
I'll never die for your dreams,
You smashed your mirror, no image there to be found,
You'll stalk the shadows After Dark.