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Little Sister Lyrics
Well the call came down to Dallas
They said Hey! Are you ready to rock?
Well you know it and well show it
Were never gonna stop

So we rocked on to Miami
I saw this goddess playin out by the sea
She said Baby, oh baby!
Come and mess around with me!

I like your little sister better
She likes to do it under there
She likes to drink the margaritas
And shes got really kinky hair

She likes to do it, she gets to it
She wants to do it to me
Shes rough n ready, rock steady
Shell make a man out of me

Well we rolled right on through New York
And they really rocked us down in L.A.
We were movin n groovin
Partied til the light of day

And those Denver babes were out there
But I couldnt shake her out of my mind
I went crazy, so crazy
I had to have her one more time

Reminiscin we were kissin in the surf late after sunset
On the beach were out of reach and we made love
Under the moonlight
No te vayas de la playa quiero verte en tu bikini
Mamasita, mi cholita, ya acabamos vamos a chupa