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The Outsider Lyrics

A life in solitude, this desolate keep my home
Wandering corridors of damp and crumbling stone
Outside the trees in grotesque twilight groves
Blot out the sun whose light has never warmed my soul

Through ancient brooks the world beyond me has been bared
And longingly I dream I've joined the living there
And though no mirrors cast a reflection of my own
I look upon myself as kindred to these souls

And now desire overtakes my fearful heart
I cast eyes upon the castle's tower dark
I'll scale these treacherous walls to reach the world above
To take my place among the joyous in the sun

Into the night air out under the moon's shining light
In search of laughter and reveling I now take flight
Onward now I fly! Onward now I fly

Into the town from the windows the merriment flows
Seeking companionship through yonder doorway I go
All eyes turn to horror all now flee

Demon, Demon - curse the night!
Mirror, Mirror it is