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Transpolar Combat Lyrics
Social discontents
To the guillotine
Another global raid
Without an end

Endless combat throughout the world
Loyalists wage world war again
Decades of animosity
Enforced by the empire's plague
Fragile peons fell prey
To tales of equivalence

Transpolar combat
A new age on the way
The tyrants hang and sway
As the hopeless Christian prays
A trembling Semitic disgrace

Into the heart of the enclave
Where the strength of the enemy lies
Brutal wars of attrition
Savage combatants defy

Decaying nuclear arms
In the hands of the less than sane
Radiation sickness
Attrition to the grave

A new order emerges
From the ruins of the old
Streets of rubble and chaos
Transforms to shining gold

A new order emerges
Hierarchy reigns
Societal rebirth in a
Worldwide cultural wave