After Forever

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Boundaries Are Open Lyrics

I see clearly all my dreams
you imagine your whole life
I know chance is always near
with a mind full of conceit
Make my own reality
do you even know the truth
just imagine

Boundaries are open

Cause you cannot control this
dreams keep slipping from my hands
My reality differs from yours
I must do just what I feel
The power of imagination is strong
keep trying, again and again
So we only try to imagine

Will the force be so strong it will control one's mind?
Will this power delude or widen the madness that renders blind?

So the frontiers of our conceit
then will become indistinct to vanish in thin air

Boundaries are open
But don't believe it's real

So does faith have roots in imagination?
Who is right in the grim and endless fight for revelation?
I cannot tell what's right or wrong
For we all dwell in imaginary borderland

Boundaries are open
But don't believe it's real