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Hate You, Fuck You Lyrics
Bitch with my mother
And fuck with my dad
Don't you know that you make me feel so shit
Took my dvd's, cd's, my weed, my magz, my beer
You took my porm and screamed and now my life is torn apart

Trouble is that justice never fits like hand in glove
A complete lack of love
Why don't you try and fucking think
And see my point of view before i crack

Hate you, fuck you
Fuck you, hate you witch
Hate you, fuck you
Fuck you, hate you bitch

You gotta be so empty
You gotta be so rude
Put your rage aside
See it the other way round?
Evil-like with Evil eyes,
You can't be thinking concrete facts
Human garbage, senseless bitch
You are addicted to destroying my life