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Dust Devil Lyrics
Powder corruption
Judgement clouded white
Right killed by wrong
Instincts are gone
Frost bite

Drifting through time
No care for himself
Health declines
Lines on the mirror
Reflect lines on his face
Face down
Heart attack

Busted thrown in the truck
Dusted down on his luck
Trusted, bastard
They don't give a fuck

Snow blind
An avalanche in his head
One more line of shit
Fast track to death

He sold his ass for $5 dolars
Dust Devil
All hail the kingv of debauchery
And the guy still got change
Dust devil
Dust devil
Dust devil

Searching for the truth
On the smoke of his decay
Decades of abuse
Take their toll, toll the bell
Sniff most of colombia's white
Pipe on his hand
Needle in his arm
Rolled-up dollar bill up his nose
Symbol of self-harm
Symbol of the broken