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Scarlet Rapture Lyrics
Evoke evil, Haunting the minds eye, black as the nights sky, Pale in the moonlight, dancing by flicker light, Grave stones answer calls, of what weve known all along, Rain drops streaming down, cast iron all around, Torments she creates, Tortured by her hate, The rape when she was small, has left her hollow Carnival clown tattered and bound. Scarlet, Rapture. Scarlets why his life is ruined, Rapture falls asleep in his arms, Scarlet plagues the morning star, Scarlet, Crawl with me, you do, Cum with me, hate you, but fuck you. Look up to see who does these things I do to you. Come with me n die, like a fly to the light. Come with me high, come to cemetery to die, come to see just what is inside.