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Repudiate The Lies Lyrics
What law holds? Moral and political sodomy. Why cant your law control you? Why do you pass off blame as dignity? Youve got your law to cure you. What happened to personal accountability? Why? To wreck and fry you? Bygones have stood and will repudiate. Lies; guile tomorrow. Go to bed son go to bed with amphetamines Nestled in the dark, nestled in the dark, nestled up, in the dark. If I gut you, and I feel you? If I gut you everyway, everyday? If I gut you, and I feel you? If I cut you everyday, everyway? If I gut you, why dont you bleed for me? But they gut you with high morals. They gut you with perjury, and typos. They gutted you with all that oil. Lies! Low! Pure sodomy, lies, pours salt on it. Bull! Hyperbole! Breathe hope through dishonesty. Wreak Guile, and twisted fallacy. Total sovereignty. Lies all, and mendacity, lies all over me, Lies, salt croissant with tea; naked, cranked on fear. Lies, all lies, all lies. Lies, lie to me lie to me.