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Eye Of The Raven, Mind Of The Wolf Lyrics
Watch the life fade from your eyes in the pale moonlight, Now theyve found just what they strived for, walked right into your demise, Up in the sky theres a Raven whos eyes see your every move, as your teeth clench you lose. Communicating your life to the wolf pack that hides, anticipating the time, where your restrain is contrived. Mind the wolf bird, it has the ability to see through you and me. Mind the Raven, wings a-spread wide it helps our pack feed. Bring the beast down, down to the fucking ground. Time has come to die. Dont go walking in the forest; they fly above to warn the others. Cant find refuge from the Ravenous, Cant eat, cant sleep, they hear your heart beating. They feed off the carcasses to survive, Sheering off tendons for which they thrive. Like vultures, the ravens they wait their turn to pick from the cadaver for which they yearn. Your time to die, Call out your time to die. Yell out your time to die. Scream out your time to die, Howl out your time to die, So on and on, and on the cycle goes. Ripped apart, still alive, letting go, Bled out, as they rip and tear skin. Shoving their snouts through your intestines. Ground coloured red as you ooze on the snow. Sounds getting fainter as you go. Panic and shock are about to set in, as the quadruped consumes you through razor blade grin. Writhing. The somberness of spruce and green; Ripped apart with no one to hear you scream, wishing it was all just a dream. The Raven lurks above the murder scene. Time to die.