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As The Sheppard Spites Lyrics
Bound by fear, youre weak, cannot survive, Respect me, your god, of blinded eyes, pray, Kneel and wait, give faith, in vacant pews, speak to god, a god, that cant hear you. Hand it all, over, in charge of things, never once think about, whos pulling strings. One foot forward, raise that boot, in the air, Bring it down with, disgust, and a lack of care. Crush the puny, no regrets, head held high. Expunge the weak, drop them all, without despair. Brutality, Cruelty, Embrace the demon. Smite them two times for their malice, vacate their pews. Spite them two times, as your credence, Theyre one less without you. They spite you, never let them smite you, Go take that golden rule and plead with your deity, go take that logic and milk it for sympathy. As the Shepherd spites, you.